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Please ensure that the consideration is readily available upon my arrival. You may place it in an unsealed envelope or leave it visibly in plain sight. If we are in a public setting, I kindly request that you exercise discretion by enclosing it within a card envelope, gift bag, or book. It is important that the exchange happens promptly and without my having to ask for it, as it can disrupt the atmosphere and make me feel uneasy. Let's maintain a smooth and comfortable ambiance throughout our time together.

Unattractive Behaviors and Restrictions

Respectful behavior is the cornerstone of building a connection and fostering a positive experience for both individuals involved. Any form of disrespectful behavior, such as rudeness, belittlement, or disregard for boundaries, will not be tolerated. Genuine kindness, chivalry, and generosity go a long way in creating a comfortable and enjoyable experience. 

Activities I do not provide nor participate in...


Going the extra mile
Gifts are never mandatory. If by chance you end up feeling extra generous or would like to make an exceptional impression, you can visit my wish list. A surprise gift is highly appreciated and greatly rewarded. It's a sure way to make my day. 

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